Since 1922, Lalique’s creations have been produced in Wingen-sur-Moder, in the heart of the Northern Vosges, in a lush green setting beside a village of some 1600 souls. It is here that the glittering material crystallizes in a continuous ballet of fire that has been orchestrated by generations of expert hands.

The first furnace in the factory established in Wingen-sur-Moder by René Lalique, the company founder, was lit one hundred years ago.

Although the factory has been constantly modernized over the years – particularly since 2008, with Silvio Denz – the artisans’ techniques have remained unchanged: material is worked by hand, it is moulded, the molten crystal is «gathered» like honey, and pressed or blown. Once cooled, it is cut, sanded and polished. This is the Lalique artisans’ trademark: the famous satin-polished finish of the crystal, which generates an effect that combines light and shadow.

The same year, Wingen-sur-Moder was awarded the “Ville et Métiers d’Art” label.

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